Trusted 4-Point Inspections in Memphis, TN

Make Sure Your Home is Safe for Living

Safe Pro Inspection Services performs home inspections in the Memphis, TN area. Our 4-point inspections are a quick alternative to in-depth home inspections.

If you need a new policy or want a better insurance rate, a 4-point inspection will give your insurer a better idea of the condition of your property. Generally, insurance companies are the only companies that ask for a 4-point inspection.

Schedule a 4-point inspection to:

  • Get a new insurance policy
  • Save time and money by avoiding a full inspection
  • Save your insurer from having to sift through excess paperwork

Call 901-317-0092 today to schedule a 4-point home inspection in Memphis, TN.

Schedule a 4-point inspection in Memphis, TN

If you need a new home insurance policy or are planning to invest in a property, a 4-point inspection can give you quick information about a property's main areas of interest. Safe Pro Inspection Services conducts 4-point inspections that cover:

  • HVAC systems
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing

You'll get a quick assessment of the property's overall condition. This gives you a good basis for deciding whether to purchase a property, and it can provide an insurance company with the information they need to issue a policy. Call 901-317-0092 today to schedule a 4-point inspection in the Memphis, TN area.